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Workplace Discrimination

3 signs of age discrimination at work

There are many ways an employee can be discriminated against at work. If you are over the age of 40 and your employer is treating you less favorably or is taking adverse action against you based on your age, then you might be a victim of age discrimination. If so, you...

Maternity leave is not a vacation

When considering protections for pregnant workers or for new parents, it's important for employers to remember that someone who goes on maternity leave is not going on a vacation. They're not simply taking a break from their job. They're not abusing this system to get...

When is a dress code at work illegal?

Generally speaking, employers are absolutely allowed to institute dress codes. You'll see this if you walk into a store and all of the employees have the same color shirt on, for instance, or if you go to an office building and everyone is wearing suits and ties. The...