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Strong Advocacy In Litigation And Dispute Resolution

Just as you would seek a mechanic for car problems or a doctor for health problems, you should seek a lawyer when you face legal problems. Trying to “google” the solution or represent yourself in court can backfire, leading to costly miscalculations and unfavorable outcomes.

Geurts Law Firm handles general litigation in Orange County and Los Angeles, as well as select legal disputes in Nevada and Utah. Our experienced litigators provide the creative problem-solving you need to settle disputes, backed by proven trial advocacy if your case does end up in court.

Business And Personal Legal Disputes

We represent individuals, corporations, construction contractors, homeowner associations and other parties in general litigation. Our experience includes:

  • Personal injury – Helping victims recover compensation for injuries from auto accidents, premises liability, products liability and other negligence
  • Construction defects – Representing property owners, builders or design professionals in disputes over structural defects, workmanship or nonperformance, including extensive work with toxic mold litigation
  • Business and commercial litigation – Initiating or defending action in breach of contract, unfair competition, partnership disputes, shareholder litigation, business dissolutions and buyouts
  • Real estate and land use – Representing buyers or sellers in disputes over fraud or misrepresentation, breach of sale, title defects, boundary disputes or adverse possession, commercial lease disputes, zoning and land use
  • HOA law – Counsel to homeowners associations in disputes with unit owners over fees and assessments, violation of CCRs (covenants, conditions and restrictions)
  • Employment litigation – Representing employees or employers in employment disputes, such as discrimination, wrongful termination or unpaid overtime
  • Trust and probate litigation – Advocating for heirs, beneficiaries, trustees or executors in will contests, breach of fiduciary duty and other estate-related disputes

Finding The Right Strategies And Solutions

We are proven trial lawyers, but going to court is not always the best recourse. Our lawyers are well versed in settlement negotiations and alternative dispute resolution (mediation or arbitration), as well as litigation. We explore the different options and analyze the cost benefit to help you make good decisions and give the best odds for a good result, in or out of court.

Our attorneys stay current with legislative action, administrative policy changes and evolving case law to give our clients the most up-to-date guidance.

Talk To Lawyers Who Get The Job Done

Whatever your legal dispute, we invite you to a free initial consultation to help you scout the hidden dangers and discover how we can help protect your interests. Call our Huntington Beach law office at 714-660-4313 or contact us online.