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What do you need to do to get a promotion?

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2023 | Sexual Harassment, Workplace Discrimination |

A promotion comes with many benefits. Aside from a higher salary, it also leads to an advancement in an employee’s position and more opportunities for career development. To get a promotion, an employee needs to fulfill the established goals and expectations their employer has set for them to the best of their abilities. They must perform their obligations to their job and prove they are an asset to the company because of their strong work ethic and leadership skills.

An employee should never have to do anything that makes them feel uncomfortable to obtain a promotion or any job-related benefit, for that matter. When a supervisor offers you a promotion and implies, requests or demands sexual favors in return, it is quid pro quo sexual harassment.

Understanding quid pro quo sexual harassment in the workplace

Quid pro quo sexual harassment is when a person in a position higher than you uses their rank to manipulate you into doing something you would not otherwise do. While it refers to an exchange, quid pro quo sexual harassment can happen in the two ways below:

  • Your employer or supervisor offers a job-related benefit in exchange for a sexual favor.
  • Your employer or supervisor threatens you with an adverse work-related action if you respond negatively to their sexual advances.

They may threaten to fire or demote you if you refuse their advances. As an employee who hopes to grow in their career, you must understand all forms of sexual harassment so nobody can take advantage of you.

What can California employees do?

Employers and supervisors should not let their unprofessionalism and lust get in the way of their employees’ good work performance. The office is a place for work, not for romantic or sexual fantasies. If you refused their advances and they followed through on their threats, you may be able to sue them for quid pro quo harassment.

You deserve the same opportunities as everyone else. Your employer is responsible for making the workplace safe and conducive to productivity. They should put a stop and prevent harassment in the office.