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Has your boss become overbearing? 

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2023 | Workplace Discrimination |

The most successful companies typically have a diverse workforce with an array of traits and skills. Some companies have a rigid hierarchy while others are laxer. In any case, employees are usually under the direction of team leaders, supervisors and managers.

Bosses have to find the right balance between being respected but not feared. For some individuals, the responsibility that comes with being a boss is too much. They could end up abusing their power and position. 

How should you deal with a boss who has become overbearing

Talk to them directly 

There is no excuse for belittling you or making you feel threatened, but it’s important to find out if there is a source for the behavior. Has your boss taken offense to something that has been said or done? Have they been fed misinformation? If you can identify a source then the issue could be resolved much more quickly. Unfortunately, talking to your boss may bring back no answers. What should you do then? 

Approach human resources 

Human Resources (HR) is a department that all companies should have. One of the many roles of HR is to address workplace bullying. They should be equipped to do this impartially, and have policies in place that offer solutions. Before you approach them, make sure you have documented the behavior and included any viable witness reports. 

Look for external solutions 

Sadly, some employment issues cannot be resolved internally. This is particularly true when the company culture has become toxic to minorities or women, or if you’ve become a target due to something like your age or a disability.

If you have tried to resolve your issues with your employer without avail, then you might need to start thinking about your legal options. Having experienced guidance behind you can help get the matter resolved.