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You have discrimination protection as a pregnant employee

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2023 | Workplace Discrimination |

You and your family may be excited over an expected new baby, but do you know how your superiors feel about the pregnancy? You probably don’t care if they approve, but some employers can make pregnancy more difficult through discrimination in the workplace.

In California and elsewhere, employees have the right to be free from pregnancy discrimination. Anti-discrimination laws protect workers who are expecting a baby, considering a new child and looking to end a pregnancy. These rights also apply to those who have lost a pregnancy.

What are some signs of pregnancy discrimination?

Your employer likely knows they could face repercussions if they treat you improperly because of a pregnancy. Most of them strive to follow the law, but sometimes their discontent shows through, potentially violating your rights.

A few ways your boss might discriminate against you (willfully or accidentally) during pregnancy include the following.

  • They demote you unjustly or deny you a deserved promotion.
  • They make derogatory or crude remarks about your condition.
  • They exclude you from meetings or promotions.
  • They refuse to give you time off for pregnancy-related medical appointments.
  • They refuse reasonable requests for workplace pregnancy accommodations.
  • They fail to address harassment and discrimination committed by co-workers and associates.

It is also a violation of your rights as a protected class of employee if your boss denies you pregnancy leave. These protections cover the pregnant individual and their spouse or partner.

You have legal options to consider if you suspect unlawful workplace pregnancy discrimination. Learning more about the laws and regulations developed to protect you can help you find a remedy for your situation.