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Do employers need to accommodate your disability?

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2022 | Employment Law |

If you live with a disability, you have likely experienced many situations where you could do something if only someone made more effort to help.

California takes providing you with equal opportunities seriously and most businesses should have measures in place to help customers with disabilities. You might not realize the law also requires companies to do similar for employees.

Employer must make reasonable accommodations

California and federal law require that employers make an effort to accommodate your disability so that you can do your job. It understands that some things are beyond the reach of certain employers, so it uses the criteria of reasonable accommodation.

Unreasonable would be when it causes your employer undue hardship. So a larger company with hundreds of employees is likely to be held to a higher standard than a small family-run store. Note that the rule does not apply to companies with less than five employees.

What if my employer does not provide me with what I need?

Many employers do not realize how little they need to do to help you do a particular task as well or better than the next person. You need to tell them what you need rather than relying on them to guess what you need.

If they refuse, you need to listen to their reasons and see if you can work together to come up with an alternative you can both accept. If you still get no success, then seek legal help to see if you can pressure them into action or hold them accountable for violating your employee rights.