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3 forms of sexual harassment at work

Have you been victimized by sexual harassment in your workplace? You’re not alone. Employees in California are experiencing sexual harassment every day.  Results from a recent study show that Californians are experiencing sexual harassment and assault more than the...

3 warning signs of wage theft

A paycheck is one of the main reasons most people report to work every day. In fact, most people rely on their wages to put a roof over their heads and bread on their tables. As such, it makes perfect sense that you earn fair pay for your labor. However, it is not...

3 signs of age discrimination at work

There are many ways an employee can be discriminated against at work. If you are over the age of 40 and your employer is treating you less favorably or is taking adverse action against you based on your age, then you might be a victim of age discrimination. If so, you...